Due to existing client numbers we won’t be taking on new clients for the remainder of 2021.

An important message to all clients due to the impact of the Coronavirus.

Telephone or online (Skype) counselling now available if you can’t attend our clinic.

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The journey to healthier thinking with Psychologists Southern Sydney

Sometimes in our lives the way we think or feel holds us back from truly enjoying our lives and our relationships. That is when our psychologists can help you overcome these obstacles and move forward.

Our journey together starts with getting to know you, listening, being supportive, talking openly and confidentially about your concerns and feelings. From there we help you develop lifelong coping strategies to move forward. As highly trained and registered psychologists our team use many proven psychological and counselling therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotion Focus Therapy, Solutions Focussed Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Schema and Hypnotherapy plus a range of other proven clinical therapies developed over many years.

Issues a PSS psychologist can help you with.

Every day we help people of all ages and backgrounds with their individual issues. Our clients include, children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We accept that every individual is unique as are the reasons that bring them to see us. 

Your problem could involve personal development, a relationship or family situation, work, depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, substance abuse, maybe it’s a habit or a behaviour you want to change. No matter what the issue is we work confidentially with you one on one to develop positive, lifelong coping strategies and helping you discover healthier thinking

Our psychologists are experienced, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and adhere to the highest standard of ethics.

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Meet Our Psychologists

Janice Killey


Janice has a wealth of experience and training, holding a Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master of Arts (Counselling), Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ASH) and is a Registered […]

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Services We Provide

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We work closely with St George and Sutherland Shire GPs and Allied Health Professionals

We are proud of the relationships we have built with local GPs, allied health professionals and the local community. Many local GPs refer their patients to us through Mental Health Care Plans. As a private practice in Sydney’s south we regard ourselves as leaders in offering professional, ethical and confidential mental health care services. We work closely with your GP to ensure they are kept updated for your ongoing wellbeing. For children we work closely with parents, paediatrician, local schools, and speech pathologists other child services to make sure the best outcomes are coordinated as required. We also have available a range of assessment tools and report writing services including insurance, court and WorkCover as needed.

Our quiet residential location and comfortable rooms

We are located in a quiet residential area which has added benefits for our clients. Connells Point is near South Hurstville off King Georges Road and is easy to drive to whether you live in the St George or Sutherland Shire areas. As we are not located in a major shopping precinct parking there is no busy traffic to contend with and parking is free and available directly outside the practice. There is also a bus service that runs from Hurstville station with a bus stop 30 metres from our door. Our three practice rooms are quiet, private and comfortable.

PSS Workplace and EAP Services

In a recent PwC report into Australian workplaces it was revealed that for every $1 businesses spend on mental health initiatives, the business received $2.30 in return. This is due to lower absenteeism and higher productivity among other factors.

For small, medium to large businesses and organisations PSS offers a range of psychological, counselling. Coaching and mediation services to help you create a mentally healthier workplace for greater productivity and less conflict.

Our Business Services for groups or individuals include:

  • Executive, Career and Life Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Workplace trauma Incidents
  • Tailored presentations around workplace mental health issues e.g. dealing with stress, bullying, depression, anger, conflict resolution, motivation and goal setting
  • Training and coaching programs for executives and staff
  • Employment Assistance Programs (EAP) – one on one confidential counselling, and critical incident debriefing.

As managers and business owner you would be aware that workplace stress, traumatic events, workplace violence and bullying or harassment and work pressure are linked to higher levels of unplanned absences, sick leave, staff turnover and poor performance. By investing in a healthier workplace environment or conflict resolutions services you will prevent and manage risk, reduce using valuable in house time and resources and look after your bottom line.

Our conflict resolution services undertaken by Nationally Accredited Mediators could help you manage and minimise the risk of workplace bulling claims.

To book or to find out more please call Psychologists Southern Sydney now on 0413 241 351

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a counselling psychologist?2018-08-09T08:26:49+00:00

Psychologists are highly qualified professionals who have undergone years of tertiary study to become experts in human behaviour. Psychologists who counsel clients in session have undertaken further supervised training to become registered psychologists.

As a registered psychologist all our therapists at Psychologists Southern Sydney are bound by the highest professional standards and ethics including confidentiality. They use scientifically proven, evidence based strategies and therapies to help people overcome challenges and to move forward in their lives. Please note that, according to the Psychology Board of Australia’s Code of Ethics, there are some limitations to this confidentiality rule – for example, if there is an immediate or specific risk of serious harm to a particular person’s safety, or if a client’s file is subpoenaed by a court.

Is counselling for me?2018-08-09T08:30:53+00:00

As people of all ages see GPs for a wide range of minor and major physical health concerns, people turn to psychologists for emotional and mental well-being issues that range from mild to severe in nature. Psychologists at Psychologists Southern Sydney see children, adolescents, adults, couples and families for a wide variety of issues regarding mental health, happiness, behaviour and relationships.

What issues do Psychologists Southern Sydney treat?2018-08-09T08:31:58+00:00

At PSS our team of psychologists work with behavioural issues, worry, stress, anxiety and depression, emotional upheaval, relationships – couples, families, addictions, anger, self-esteem, phobias, sleep issues, disordered eating and weight issues, grief and loss, specific woman’s issues including pregnancy, perinatal depression, menopause, child and adolescent issues, career and life transition, workplace issues, EAP. We also undertake assessments and write reports.

What therapies do PSS psychologists use?2018-08-09T08:35:03+00:00

Our psychologists use a range of proven therapies and will use the appropriate therapy or therapies based on your individual needs and goals. Some of the accepted therapies our psychologists commonly use depending on their training are: ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) EDMA Therapy DBT (Didactic Behavioural Therapy) Mindfulness Solution Focused Therapy Play Therapy for children Hypnosis Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis Schema Therapy

What is the difference between psychology and coaching?2018-08-09T08:36:18+00:00

Psychology works on emotional and mental health issues that stop you from moving forward. Coaching uses many of the same techniques as psychology but its focus is more on achieving specific goals in your personal life and career. PSS offers counselling, psychology, and coaching services including personal, executive and workplace coaching.

Do you have a Greek speaking psychologist?2018-08-09T08:37:31+00:00

At Psychologists Southern Sydney in our team of six we are fortunate to have two Greek speaking registered psychologist. Whether you need counselling for adolescents, adults, couples or families, PSS can help you. Phone and Skype counselling are also available for people who may not be able to a session.

How can we communicate more effectively?2018-08-09T08:38:47+00:00

At Psychologists Southern Sydney in our team of six we are fortunate to have two Greek speaking registered psychologist. Whether you need counselling for adolescents, adults, couples or families, PSS can help you. Phone and Skype counselling are also available for people who may not be able to a session.

What happens at the first appointment?2018-08-09T08:42:20+00:00

Firstly you will be made to feel welcome and comfortable. Your psychologist may ask you general questions about your life, in order to gain a better understanding of your circumstances and begin to formulate a treatment plan. Around 45 minutes into the session your psychologist will also give you an overview of what you can expect from future sessions, and what steps you should take next before the next session. If the session is for children or adolescents, we will ask parents to attend a preliminary session without the child so we can discuss openly your child’s needs. As part of future session the parent will be included for at least part of the session at the end and updated.

How many sessions do I need?2018-08-09T08:43:21+00:00

This will depend on your individual needs and goals. Some issues can be worked through quickly while other deeper seated issues take longer to overcome. How many sessions will be an ongoing discussion between you and your psychologist. Being committed to your therapy and making it a priority in your schedule will achieve quicker results. For relationship counselling you may have individual counselling as well as couples counselling. This has proved very effective for our clients especially as have both male and female psychologists.

What about counselling for children and adolescents?2018-08-09T08:47:50+00:00

At Psychologists Southern Sydney we work extensively with children and adolescents. Usually in the first session we like to see the parents alone to get a full understanding of their child/adolescent’s issue without causing the child embarrassment. At each session with the child we invite the parent(s) in for the last 10 minutes of the session to update and advise of any strategies that should be worked on until the next session. We also ask parents to be available at the beginning of the session in case feedback is required for the psychologist. Please note PSS and our team members do not take responsibility for children/adolescents whose parents do not return at the required time and we are unable to provide supervision Regarding adolescents we understand that every adolescent is very different some want their parent at the session some don’t. The parents are present for the first part of the session so the parent, adolescent and psychologist are all on the same page.

Feedback after the session is when the parent is present. In order to best help your child, we need to establish a safe and trusting relationship with them. To do this, it is important for your child to be able to discuss all their worries
and concerns with us with the knowledge that their privacy will be maintained. As such, when we work with children we are very clear with both the child and the parent that we will keep their sessions private. The exceptions to this relate to occasions where we feel the child’s psychological and/or physical safety is at risk. Other occasions may include when a child asks us to assist them in telling a parent something difficult or when the parent needs to be involved in the process in order to reinforce principles or strategies discussed in session. When these situations occur, we discuss these matters in session with the child and parent present, encouraging the child to actually initiate the conversation.

How much does an appointment cost?2018-08-09T08:49:41+00:00

Our fees are lower than the Australian Psychological Society recommended price. We do offer Medicare rebates but we don’t bulk bill so there will be an extra cost to be paid. You may also be eligible for a pensioner or concession card holder discount. What Private Health and Medicare rebates can I get? With private health the amount of rebate depends on your level of coverage and your health fund so check with them. For a Medicare rebate your GP or other medical practioner needs to supply you with a Medical Health Care Plan. Bring it with you and we will just pay the gap as we lodge both Medicare and private health claims on the spot

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