Have you had your mental health check-up lately?

For years GPs recommend we should get a health check done every to identify any medical issues early. In between time if we get sick or injured early intervention can nip a nastier problem in the bud. Everyone agrees by practising preventative medicine it avoids more serious health issues down the track.
So what about an emotional wellbeing health check regularly or practising preventative counselling sessions with your local psychologist.
When it comes to dealing with personal issues or behaviours that are causing you problems, stopping you enjoying your day to day social or work life don’t ignore the feelings or signals that something is wrong, get it checked out by someone who is trained in mental health issues.
RUOK is a chance for everyone to care about the wellbeing of a family member, friend, work colleague or neighbour. Mental Health is finally coming out of the closet thanks to initiatives like RUOK, Beyond Blue and Black Dog. From sports and movie stars, politicians and social media, we are realising that mental health issues affect all of us in one way or another.

Welcome to Preventative Psychology

Just as doctors are focussing more and more on preventive medicine, address any emotional or mental health issues before they get bigger. We know it is good to talk, to get a problem off your chest and it doesn’t matter what your age is, who you are, or what type of background you have. By investing time now with the support of a trained psychologist you can work on developing the coping strategies to deal with what is worrying you and develop healthier thinking for a better life.

Your mental health wellbeing check-up

See how you go.

  • How are you coping lately?
  • How are your relationships?
  • Is your work/life balanced?
  • Are you looking after your physical health?
  • Do you feel in control?
  • Is there an issue or issues that are making you constantly worried, stressed or anxious?
  • How are you sleeping?

Prevention is better than cure. Dealing with mental health, behavioural and emotional wellbeing issues earlier means they don’t become as deeply imbedded. Remember you can get a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP to see a registered psychologist and receive a Medicare Rebate and Private Health Funds offer rebates for psychology.
To find out more about practising Preventative Psychology and your mental wellbeing visit us at www.psychologistssouthernsydney.com.au