Mitch is passionate about working with adolescents and adults to help them navigate through difficult times. He takes a personable, collaborative, approach to assist individuals overcome the challenges they are experiencing and aims to foster the development of life skills and resilience to enable the person to feel empowered to take the necessary, practical steps to help them move forward.

Mitch’s key areas of interest are stress, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, mood disorders, relationship issues, grief and trauma, and workplace issues. In session he enables individuals to motivate themselves to feel empowered for positive change. Mitch understands the importance of developing holistic goals and strategies that encompass family, social, educational or workplace situations. This helps ensure you develop the skills to improve all aspects of your wellbeing.

In his work with Adolescents Mitch takes a practical, understanding approach to work with the issues that affect teenager’s lives – social, developmental, educational and other life challenges and pressures, including the difficulties they experience in their always connected lives, Mitch endeavours to help them build the resilience and practical solutions to foster long-term change.

As a registered psychologist, Mitch’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and Graduate Diploma in Psychological Practice. He is an accredited treatment provider for Medicare, the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority and has experience working with individuals whom are dealing with various insurance schemes including Income Protection, TPD, CTP and workers compensation.

Having worked in Australia and the United Kingdom, Mitch has had a variety of experience, including counselling, having worked in an educational setting and organisational settings. This experience includes working in employee assistance counselling, corporate and insurance schemes along with vocational and psychometric testing. He understands that every individual is unique and has this in mind when developing treatment plans for individuals using evidence-based therapies such as CBT, ACT, IPT, and Solution Focused Therapy.

This experience combined with Mitch’s therapeutic learning has helped Mitch to understand the importance of having a balance in life, an understanding he brings to each therapeutic session. The goal is to work one on one with you to overcome the issues that are holding you back from enjoying your life, relationships, work and more. As a registered psychologist, Mitch shares our practice’s high standards of ethics, confidentiality and client care.

Outside of work, Mitch enjoys trying his best to keep fit and healthy and has both travelled and lived overseas for extended periods of time which has given him a unique perspective on the fast-paced world with live in today and the challenges that we experience in society.