William is a caring psychologist who has extensive experience working with children (6 and up), adolescents, adults, couples and families who present with a range of issues.

William understands the importance of establishing a strong mutual understanding and therapeutic relationship with each client and helping them establish strong foundations towards a smoother recovery pathway. He is distinctly interested in the mind-body connection that make up our experience and wellbeing and incorporates much of the science in his therapy and practice.

Issues that William has worked with includes depression, anxiety, mood disorders, grief/bereavement, relationships, trauma, perfectionism, emotional regulation difficulties, ADHD, and high functioning autism. William also has a strong background in suicide prevention and occupational rehabilitation to work with clients who have experienced psychological issues as a result of a workplace incident.

His approach to therapy emphasises on the establishment of care and understanding to build a strong therapeutic relationship that assists clients in their journey to moving forward. William has an eclectic approach to therapy and tailors sessions using therapies most suited to help the individual develop life changing strategies.
Therapies William uses in treatment ranges from Cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, and solution focussed therapies. From November 2019 William will also be a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

William is experienced in providing a range of reports and in the use of many types of assessment tools including Neurofeedback/Biofeedback which he can use to develop further treatment for clients as needed. He also has experience providing vocational and workplace coaching and counselling to help clients understand their strengths and weaknesses to make better decisions about their future.

William also is WorkCover approved and sees NDIS Support and Self-Managed clientele and speaks Cantonese.