Rebuilding a Relationship

What does every good relationship have, what happens when it turns sour and negative habits creep in, and what can you do to move forward?
A healthy relationship requires good communication, respect, trust, and plenty of good habits exhibited by both parties. If you haven’t the first three attributes the positive, good habits can be replaced by negative bad habits which further erode the relationship.
So why do relationships continue to exist in this subversive manner rather than addressing the issues or finishing the relationship?
Some reasons couples stay together when their relationship has become toxic include

  • the fear of loneliness
  • the worry of not finding someone else
  • guilt – you feel sorry for the other person
  • thinking you have invested too much time in the relationship
  • financial security
  • hope that things will change.

Getting a relationship back on track requires working together to weed out the negative issues and habits, rebuilding trust but be careful of taking advice from well-meaning friends and family.
Most people benefit from working with a psychologist for relationship counselling.
At our practice many couples come to therapy to work on their communication skills, to reignite respect for one another, identify bad habits and replace them with good habits.
We also find that many couples in relationship counselling also need one on one counselling to work on personal issues that maybe affecting the relationship.
Some tips to help you create a healthier relationship

  • Show gratitude and pay attention to that person by your side.
  • Communicate with respect
  • Listen to and stop blaming one another.
  • Clarify miscommunications and misunderstandings.
  • Sometimes the simplest solution is to just stop and listen to what your partner is saying. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how he or she could be feeling that way or seeing things in that light.
  • Act in more kind and loving ways to one another.
  • Communicate the idea that feelings can change and be affected by actions.
  • If needed seek help from a relationship psychologist or counsellor who can work with you on all of the above.

To sum up, healthy relationships require good communication, respect for one another, and plenty of positive relationship habits. To find out more visit our website