Help with Overcoming Addictions

At Psychologists Southern Sydney (PSS) we understand how an addiction can affect your life, family and friends. An addiction can disturb physical or mental health, relationships, and the ability to function at work or socially.

Put simply any addiction is a destructive pattern of behaviour that overtakes a person’s life. Our team of experienced PPS psychologists work with people of all ages to overcome different types of addictions including alcohol and drugs, internet use, gambling, gaming and pornography, maybe it’s food and shopping, even smoking. Often the addiction can be caused by a bad habit that has developed over time or maybe there is another underlying issue that needs to be dealt with, stress, anxiety, depression, abuse, loneliness, anger, relationships.

If you feel you are suffering from the negative consequences of addiction; feeling overwhelmed, sleeping poorly, in a poor daily routine, a life controlled by an addiction, time to seek help. Even if you feel you may be developing an addiction come and talk to one of our psychologists about what you are experiencing. Let us help you develop the strategies to deal with the addictive behaviour so you take back control of your life and move forward positively through healthier thinking.

Our PSS psychologists are trained in offering clients a range of programs and tools to assist in therapy e.g. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, acceptance and mindfulness base therapies, hypnotherapy, etc., the therapy and sessions are individualised to assist your needs for a positive outcome.

If drug or alcohol abuse has led to legal action or workplace issues our PSS psychologists are available to write reports if required.

We’re open 6 days a week offering extended daytime and after hours counselling.

Your sessions with Psychologists Southern Sydney may be covered by your Private Health Fund or talk to your GP about a Mental Health Care Plan which could enable you to receive a Medicare Rebate.

To find out more about our services or to book a session at Psychologists please call 02 8381 5867.


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