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No two cases of disordered eating are the same and that’s why your counsellor at Southern Sydney (PSS) works with you one on one to replace negative thinking about weight and body image with healthier thinking. Each client gains an understanding of factors that put them at risk of eating concerns and learn new ways to manage these situations. Building self-esteem and improving self-awareness are usually vital elements of therapy for individuals with an eating disorder. Enhancing social and family functioning can also be an imperative part of recovery.

To ensure that improvements are maintained, treatment also focuses on relapse prevention, providing individuals with the skills necessary to manage possible setbacks in the future. We can work as part of a team with dieticians, GPs and psychiatrists as needed. Our allied health affiliations in the St George and Sutherland Shire region and beyond are extensive. We encourage support from your family and friends, that’s why family or group counselling may be recommended where appropriate.

Eating disorders include a range of issues people have with body image, eating and food. When these problems are extreme and interfere with your normal activities and quality of life, they are considered to be psychological disorders.

Disordered Eating can include:

Anorexia Nervosa, which is characterised by dangerously low body weight.

Bulimia Nervosa which is characterised by binge eating and subsequent behaviours that are engaged in to compensate for the binge.

Binge Eating

Emotional Overeating and Obesity

Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) which are equally unhealthy and disturbing patterns of eating.

If you or someone you know has disordered eating you may experience:

Low self-esteem, depression, shame and guilt, obsession and anxiety, interference with normal daily activities, alienation from self and often social withdrawal, physiological consequences, which are potentially life-threatening.

So what causes an eating disorder?

Most research acknowledges that the development of eating disorders involves a complex set of interactions between cultural, social, family, personality and physical factors (including genetic factors). In almost all cases of eating disorders the individual will possess negative core beliefs about themselves that can trigger and/or maintain the disorder.

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