Family Therapy that makes a difference

ISS_4831_01822It wouldn’t be a family if problems or disagreements didn’t arise from time to time between different members.

Sometimes the issues can’t be fixed within the family and that’s when family therapy at Psychologists Southern Sydney (PSS) can be the answer to help resolve the issues and help move past the issues that are causing problems in a confidential and neutral setting.

At Psychologists Southern Sydney you are in experienced hands of mature and caring female and male psychologists who can conduct therapy with the whole family, several family members and sometimes in separate sessions with individual family members

Every family is different as is every set of issues and our PSS psychologists have conducted therapy with families with young children to older families with mature children, step-families, re partnered parents, parents/carers and children, extended family including issues with in-laws and grandparents, families who have parents from different cultures.

Issues that bring families for counselling usually centre on conflict and the family not getting along:

  • changes in family circumstance such as separation and divorce
  • death of a family member and migration
  • illness, loss or trauma,
  • parenting/carer issues with children and young people
  • conflict amongst siblings
  • adopting children
  • blended families
  • family businesses


shutterstock_326920082As we practice in the St George and Sutherland Shire we see many families where partners may come from different ethnic or religious backgrounds and have different expectations as may their respective extended family.

Our experienced psychologists help you identify the issues and behaviours and then help you develop strategies to move forward. Sometimes within the family counselling, individual counselling is recommended to help an individual within the family deal with other issues. To make sure you are comfortable we have both female and male psychologists. We do have a Greek speaking psychologist if requested. We are open six days a week including nights and Saturdays for more convenient appointment times for you and your family. As registered psychologists we are bound to the highest ethics of confidentiality and professionalism


We are open six days a week for bookings throughout the day and after school hours, also Saturdays. Private Health and Medicare Rebates are available on the spot. To find out more about our services or to book a session at PSS please call 02 8381 5867.


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Our Family Therapy Practitioners

Janice Killey


Janice has a wealth of experience and training, holding a Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master of Arts (Counselling), Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ASH) and is a Registered Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society. Janice has over 19 years’ experience counselling a broad range of individuals, couples, families and groups. Janice’s…

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