Clinical Hypnosis as a therapy

Hypnosis is best described as a very deep state of relaxation, in other words, a normal, natural, healthy state of mind. It is a therapy that can be used for adults, teenagers and children. At Psychologists Southern Sydney (PSS) we offer hypnosis to clients as another valuable therapeutic tool to help with a variety of issues including:

  • exam nerves,  flying and other fears, anxieties, panic attacks, and phobias
  • pain, headaches, insomnia,
  • anger, depression, mood swings,  relationships,  worry, guilt, grief,stress
  • smoking and other addictions
  • weight loss and disordered eating,
  • nail biting, bed wetting,
  • asthma, blood pressure, sexual issues and compulsions.

People who undergo hypnosis have also expressed improvement in: childbirth, exam performance, study recall, memory, relaxation, confidence, releasing the past, personal power, and goal setting, performance including work and sports, public speaking, personal growth, assertiveness, and communication.

How does hypnosis work?

Our bodies experience what are known as ultradian rhythms. These rhythms form the basis of common, everyday trance or hypnotic states, when we may find ourselves daydreaming or just taking a break. Hypnosis is safe as it is a normal, naturally occurring, healthy state of mind. There has never been a single documented case of harm resulting from the use of hypnosis.

Janice Killey our Principal Psychologist is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. This training allows Janice to offer hypnosis as a therapy for a range of issues. Janice has also learnt and uses the Virtual Gastric Banding hypnosis technique for weight loss.

At our clinic hypnosis can be used with a range of other behavioural therapies which can be utilised in the treatment of most disorders, whether mental or otherwise, where the relaxation response promotes the person’s attitude. For example, with a physical injury, the person’s mental resources can be enlisted to aid in managing the subsequent discomfort, allow for some rest and lessen the associated emotional trauma.

Hypnosis can be claimed through many private health funds. Please check with your health fund to see if they offer a rebate which can be claimed on the spot. Medicare, as yet, does not offer a rebate on hypnosis.

We are open six days a week for bookings throughout the day and after hours, also Saturdays. Private Health and Medicare Rebates are available on the spot.


To find out more about our services or to book a session at PSS please call 02 8381 5867.