Help for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Everyone has anxious thoughts but when those thoughts keep recurring and become obsessive they can influence unhealthy patterns of behaviour leading to difficulties in daily functioning. This anxiety disorder is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

At Psychologists Southern Sydney we have successfully worked with many local people to deal with OCD

A person may have OCD if he or she:

  • has recurrent, persistent and unwanted thoughts, impulses or images (obsessions) that cause distress
  • performs repetitive, often seemingly purposeful, ritualistic behaviours (compulsions) in order to reduce distress or neutralise the thought
  • exhibits repetitive and unpleasant behaviours with at least one obsession or compulsion recognised as excessive or unreasonable
  • derives no pleasure from the obsessive thought or compulsive act.
  • the obsessions or compulsions cause distress or interfere with the person’s day-to-day functioning, for example, work, social life, school, and are disabling.

What causes OCD?

OCD is thought to develop as a result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors. A number of factors may increase the risk of developing OCD. These include:

  • Family history
  • Biological factors
  • Social factors
  • Psychological factors: People with certain personality traits, such as being excessively neat, highly organised or placing a great deal of emphasis on morality and responsibility, may be more at risk.
  • Environmental / learned behaviours

Psychologists Southern Sydney therapy for OCD

Our experienced, empathetic psychologists at PSS work closely with clients to:

  • develop a shared understanding of thinking and behavioural difficulties
  • uncover unhelpful and unrealistic ways of thinking and move to more positive helpful thinking
  • help minimise the distress associated with OCD
  • examine how an individual’s way of thinking prompts negative behavioural patterns
  • set behavioural tasks to enable a return to more helpful behaviours


People with OCD may also experience other mental health issues including depression, other anxiety disorders, an eating disorder and/or alcohol or substance-use problems. That’s why it’s important to seek help now by calling Life Resolutions Kogarah or visiting your local general practitioner.

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