Virtual Gastric Banding: The non-surgical weight loss solution

If you are overweight, suffer from pre diabetes, diabetes -2, high blood pressure or joint issues there is a non-invasive technique that helps you think your way thinner through hypnosis combined with a proven behavioural therapy called CBT.

Virtual Gastric Banding was developed in England over 10 years ago and now is being adopted by psychologists and clinical hypnotherapists throughout the world and across Australia because it is a non-invasive technique which helps people achieve positive results for weight reduction and the associated weight related health issues.

This treatment combines hypnosis with cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). By combining the two therapies people lose more weight than people that only use CBT.

The two-fold benefit of hypnosis and CBT combined helps to:

  • reinforce improvements in alimentary habits
  • change behaviour in the short and longer term

Virtual Gastric Banding sessions

The non-invasive procedure consists of a session of hypnosis followed by sessions of re-hypnosis. During the hypnosis session the brain is ordered to believe the stomach is smaller than it really is and the following sessions are used to reinforce improvements in alimentary habits. As a consequence, the ingestion of food is limited in a virtual way, which results in a loss of weight. After the process, some reinforcements are made via psychological treatment for the management of anxiety.

Ten good reasons to think yourself thinner through Virtual Gastric Banding

  • no invasive surgery
  • safe, pain free.
  • cost effective
  • ideal for people who have pre- diabetes, diabetes 2, high blood pressure joint issues
  • you physically eat smaller amounts
  • you safely and easily lose weight naturally
  • You become more fit and active
  • most people experience positive changes from the very first session

Janice Killey is the principal psychologist at Psychologists Southern Sydney and is a Registered Psychologist and member at the Australian Psychological Society of many years. Over eight years ago Janice qualified is a Clinical Hypnotherapist through the prestigious Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and since has learnt and uses the Virtual Gastric Banding technique.

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