Preventative Counselling with PSS Services to overcome worry and stress

We all worry about issues that crop up in our day to day lives. It can leave you feeling upset, frustrated, sometimes stressed and highly anxious even clinically depressed. Common areas of worry for most include relationship issues and breakdown, work and career issues, health, changing personal and health circumstances, money concerns, juggling demands on your time, your values being challenged, caring for others.

Through this time we all need to talk to someone but sometimes it is too private to discuss with family, friends or colleagues. That’s why private one on one sessions with a trained psychologist could help you deal with issues and work on strategies to move forward.

At Psychologists Southern Sydney (PSS) we have six caring female and male psychologists who are trained to help people of all ages and backgrounds to overcome all types of health issues that affect their mental wellbeing. Just as doctors are focussing more and more on preventive medicine to stop people getting sick, we are offering our clients preventative counselling. Put simply it is a way for you to address an issue in private with a psychologist in a comfortable, caring and confidential surrounding.


Wesurrounding We know it is good to talk, to “get a problem off your chest” and it doesn’t matter what your age is, who you are, or what type of background you have. By investing time now with the support of a trained psychologist you can work on developing the coping strategies to deal with what is that are worrying you and develop healthier thinking for a better life.

As a result you will enjoy your life and relationships more, feel happier and more satisfied.

We are open six days a week for bookings throughout the day and after hours, also Saturdays. Private Health and Medicare Rebates are available on the spot.

To find out more about our services or to book a session at PSS please call 1300 307 096.


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