Transforming your life through Wellness Coaching

wellnessJust as a trained personal trainer improves your physical fitness a wellness coach improves your mental fitness to make your goals reality and to move forward with your life. Your wellbeing may relate to taking control of your life, feeling empowered, working on health issues, personal or work issues, changing a habit or behaviour, finding emotional stability. With Wellness Coaching you can work on the issues you need to transform your life.

Through healthier thinking you can achieve positive changes

PSS Wellness Coaching is about your personal empowerment. It’s a really energising process and helps you work on you. Our PSS coaching is a powerful collaboration between you and your coach to explore your opportunities for change and growth. Sometimes we have a vision but we don’t know how to get there, maybe we are being distracted but other issues. Coaching sessions with a PSS psychologist helps clear the road or lights the way. You’ll be amazed when you start coaching how light bulbs start going off – answers and opportunities present themselves.

Our PSS Coaching can help you:

  • clarify your thinking
  • gain health and wellbeing
  • gain more self confidence
  • get more out of our life
  • design a plan of action to solve problems
  • clarify your values and align them as integral to your life
  • clear mental and physical clutter that zaps your energy
  • create more fulfilling relationships
  • improve your career satisfaction or find a more fulfilling path
  • create your own unique professional and personal lifestyle
  • overcome addictions
  • reduce your stress and anxiety

How PSS approaches wellness coaching

By combining coaching techniques with proven psychological therapies we help our clients overcome resistance to change. Your PSS Psychologist support you in working out what you want, why you want it, what’s stopping you and only then together create a plan for action. Through this supportive relationship, your PSS personal coach empowers you to take responsibility, feel more confident, experience and celebrate small successes and ultimately achieves more significant change than you would on their own. Having a personal coach means that you are supported, encouraged and held accountable. Wellness Coaching covers all aspects of your life – work, family, health issues – from losing weight, getting fitter, having more energy, personal relationships, communication, to looking after yourself and having more self-confidence.

Would Wellness Coaching suit you?

Wellness Coaching is for anyone who want to make changes to their life. Some people would call it personal or life coaching but coaching with a PSS psychologist you can work on any aspect of your life whether it’s on your health and wellness, your career, relationship, developing self-confidence, having more energy and more meaning. You might want to get more balance between your working or private lives. Maybe you want to start your own business, or you might just be unhappy without knowing why.

What is the difference between a Coaching and Counselling with a PSS Psychologist?

Psychology works on emotional, behavioural or mental health issues that stop you from moving forward. Coaching uses many of the same techniques as psychology but its focus is more on achieving specific goals in your personal life and career. So depending on your needs you can come and see us for coaching, counselling or both Our coaching services including Wellness, Personal/Life Coaching, Executive and Career/Workplace Coaching

Our practitioners who coach are registered psychologists, trained in validated psychological strategies that have been proven to work. They are regulated professionals whose services are frequently rebatable from Medicare and health funds.

Coaching sessions at a time and place that suit you

PSS coaching sessions can take place either over the telephone, via Skype or in person at a regular time at our comfortable PSS rooms in Connells Point. Many people enjoy telephone or Skype coaching from the comfort of their own home or office, while others prefer the commitment of face to face meetings with your coach. Meeting with your coach on a regular basis to have confidential, brave and candid conversations leads to increased sustainable energy, resilience, and engagement in both the workplace and at home. Where else in your life do you have time to self-reflect? Corporate Coaching, also called Organisational Coaching or Workplace Coaching, furthers the individual in the work environment. It also addresses some personal beliefs or behaviours that impact the workplace.

To discuss our PSS Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching or Personal Coaching please call us on 02 8381 5867.